27 Alternatives To Asking “Is This Okay?”

When it comes to sexytimes, we all want to know if what we’re doing in bed is working for our partner. Unfortunately, knowing what or how to ask doesn’t always come as second nature. You fumble, try to read clues and more ofte [...]

27 Alternatives To Asking “Is This Okay?”2021-08-18T01:04:09-07:00

“OKAY” Is A Four-Letter Word

Talking about what you want in bed (and for that matter, in life) is scary, tricky business. Admitting something you want takes guts, and no one wants to be laughed at or rejected for sharing something tender with a loved one. [...]

“OKAY” Is A Four-Letter Word2021-08-18T01:05:28-07:00

How to Give Feedback During Sexytimes

So there you are, in bed, having an.... okay time. It's not that there's anything wrong exactly. It's just not... right either. Telling your partner you want something different during sex than what they’re doing can be terrif [...]

How to Give Feedback During Sexytimes2021-08-18T01:06:30-07:00

The Naked Truth About Desire Smuggling

The world is not friendly to our desires. In over a decade of relationship coaching and sex ed, I’ve talked with thousands of people about why they don’t ask for what they want. Reasons include: not knowing what to want, not h [...]

The Naked Truth About Desire Smuggling2021-02-21T18:05:40-08:00

8 Ways to Hear a No Gracefully

The more you ask for what you want in your intimate life and daily life, the more you’re likely to hear both yesses and nos. Rejection can sting, but there’s also an opportunity to build connection when you can hear a no grace [...]

8 Ways to Hear a No Gracefully2021-02-21T18:06:56-08:00
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