Two Questions to Help You Survive the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and with them… EXPECTATIONS. Yours. Other people’s. Tradition. Obligation.  All of that stuff.  Getting through the holidays without burning yourself out or losing sight of your values can be quite a [...]

Two Questions to Help You Survive the Holidays2021-08-18T00:56:12-07:00

New Year, New You?

New Year New You? That’s what all the advertisements say right now. It’s a new year, you should lose weight. It’s a new year, you should make more money. It’s a new year, it’s time to finally find a partner. It’s a new year, b [...]

New Year, New You?2021-08-18T01:03:08-07:00

The Naked Truth About Desire Smuggling

The world is not friendly to our desires. In over a decade of relationship coaching and sex ed, I’ve talked with thousands of people about why they don’t ask for what they want. Reasons include: not knowing what to want, not h [...]

The Naked Truth About Desire Smuggling2021-02-21T18:05:40-08:00

Embrace Your Erotic Creativity

Asking for what you want — in love, in sex, in relationships — requires creativity. Yet fear, shyness, and plain old being stuck in a rut can keep you from being creative in and out of the bedroom. Erotic cr [...]

Embrace Your Erotic Creativity2021-02-21T18:26:49-08:00

Needs, Wants and Deal-Breakers

A client once came to me with a long list of requirements another coach had told her to make about her future husband. He had to be tall, and good looking, and wealthy, and able to be a good father, and emotionally available, [...]

Needs, Wants and Deal-Breakers2021-07-06T10:00:26-07:00
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