Generosity vs Self-Sacrifice

I originally sent this out as a newsletter, and it got such a big and positive response, I've reposted it here.  In 15 years of coaching, I've noticed that one thing many of my clients have in common is they give and give and [...]

Generosity vs Self-Sacrifice2022-03-28T11:27:51-07:00

“OKAY” Is A Four-Letter Word

Talking about what you want in bed (and for that matter, in life) is scary, tricky business. Admitting something you want takes guts, and no one wants to be laughed at or rejected for sharing something tender with a loved one. [...]

“OKAY” Is A Four-Letter Word2021-08-18T01:05:28-07:00

How to Give Feedback During Sexytimes

So there you are, in bed, having an.... okay time. It's not that there's anything wrong exactly. It's just not... right either. Telling your partner you want something different during sex than what they’re doing can be terrif [...]

How to Give Feedback During Sexytimes2021-08-18T01:06:30-07:00

12 Ways To Say No Gracefully (Without Saying “Maybe Later”)

Grace: (n)simple elegance or refinement of movement; courteous goodwill. We all want connection. Saying no can feel terrifying, especially if you are afraid of losing connection with someone you care about. Rejecting someone y [...]

12 Ways To Say No Gracefully (Without Saying “Maybe Later”)2021-02-17T15:22:09-08:00

How to Talk to Your Monsters

We all want stuff in our relationships. Better sex. More sex. To not have to take the trash out. 15 extra minutes in the morning for snuggles. Whatever. Let's assume you know what you want. Why aren't you asking for it? If you [...]

How to Talk to Your Monsters2021-02-21T18:23:53-08:00
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