How to Talk to Your Monsters

We all want stuff in our relationships. Better sex. More sex. To not have to take the trash out. 15 extra minutes in the morning for snuggles. Whatever. Let's assume you know what you want. Why aren't you asking for it? If you [...]

How to Talk to Your Monsters2021-02-21T18:23:53-08:00

On Being Needy

"I don't want to be too needy." I hear this phrase all the time from my students: "I don't want to be too needy." No matter what we’re talking about, from figuring out what you want, to clarifying and setting boundaries, the f [...]

On Being Needy2023-01-21T12:14:55-08:00

Needs, Wants and Deal-Breakers

A client once came to me with a long list of requirements another coach had told her to make about her future husband. He had to be tall, and good looking, and wealthy, and able to be a good father, and emotionally available, [...]

Needs, Wants and Deal-Breakers2021-07-06T10:00:26-07:00
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