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Hi! I’m Marcia Baczynski. I can help you create the sex, life + relationships you want.

Even if it’s off the beaten path. (Especially if it’s off the beaten path.)

With nearly two decades of experience as a sex and relationship educator, communication coach and facilitation trainer, I’ve helped thousands of people both built lives filled with pleasure, connection and adventure. I’m a certified sex educator, I’ve made hundreds of media appearances, I’ve spoken on dozens of stages, and I am a relentless learner.

But what really qualifies me to support you is that I’ve been there myself.

I know what it’s like to have to figure out your sexual orientation. I know what it’s like to try to explain to your family why you want something other than marriage, a white picket fence and a couple of adorable children. I know what it’s like to dig through a mountain of books searching for the right words to convey the nuances of gender.

It’s not just that I led an open relationship discussion group monthly for nearly a decade… I’ve also been the one staying up late at night, crying and desperately trying to communicate something I had never seen a model for, but knew must be possible.

Since then, I’ve built a personal life filled with pleasure, connection, incredible joy and adventure. Along the way, I picked up tools, language, skills and perspectives that helped me carve my own way.

And I can help you blaze your own trail too.

(And make it a hell of a lot easier to boot!)



Everyone says the key to great relationships is communication. So once you know what you want, how do you talk about it? How do you share a fantasy, bring up a scary topic, spill the beans about what you really want, or own up to something you’ve been hiding?

Together, we will find creative, empowering and accessible ways for you to say what needs to be said, powerfully and gracefully.


No more tolerating, enduring or “going along with it.” No more overwhelm, over-accommodating or feeling run over by others. By developing exquisite boundaries, you will stop losing yourself in other people, and create the space for the things that nourish and feed you. I’ll show you how to recognize your shifting, wholesome and so-very-necessary boundaries, so you and everyone around you knows exactly where the line is, making it feel safe and good to create the intimacy you want. 


Your capacity for pleasure is a natural part of being human. You were born with it. You don’t have to earn it. Pleasure is about noticing what actually brings you joy and what actually feels good. When you know, listen to and follow what genuinely pleases you, you avoid the traps of over-consumption, chasing the wrong thing, and staying in the rat race. You stop trying to impress other people and start living on your own terms. Life becomes a lot more satisfying, your confidence grows, and knowing what you want becomes second nature.


Not everyone gets the road map for monogamous, heterosexual, marriage-and-babies- and-a-white-picket-fence relationships. When you find yourself curious about (or needing) something else, it can feel like being thrust into the wilderness. Your own path of non-traditional relationships, gender exploration, child-free living, chosen family or shifting sexual identity is highly specific to you (and absolutely perfect). But you don’t have to go it alone. I’ll hold up my torch and help you blaze your own trail. 


Surrounding yourself with a community of care that respects, honors and cares for you is crucial for staying grounded, building new habits and reminding you of the values you hold. Whether you’re hoping to find better potential partners to date, looking for support for your queer, kinky or polyamorous life, or looking to build deeper and more fulfilling friendships, your people are out there! I’ll help you find them.


No one wants to be needy, yet having needs is fundamental to the human experience. Together, we’ll work for you to notice, value and even treasure the messages your body, your heart and your yearning tell you about what you need. I’ll support you in learning to discern between your actual (deep, profound, sometimes messy) needs and your strategies for meeting them (especially if they may not be working anymore). Far from being needy, your needs are a map, guiding you toward the kind of glorious life, love and connection you most want.

In our sessions together, sexuality, creativity, yearning, desire, passion, purpose + longing mix freely.

We will curl up with our laptops and a cup of tea to hash things out. Together, we will unearth clues and draw a map to your heart, building a practice of prioritizing pleasure, discovering choice, and communicating desires so you can create the kind of sex, life, and love you always wanted.


  • A shame-free, honesty-affirming space to explore what’s true for you
  • Accurate, nonjudgmental information from a compassionate expert
  • Simple and clear language to talk about your desires
  • Practical skills to access the heart of your eroticism
  • Permission and affirmation for your desires
  • Strategic steps to get you from here to there (even if it’s off the beaten path)

Our work together is customized, confidential and completely about you.


Lightning session

Available now in limited quantities

One hour with me. Laser focus on a specific issue. Great for getting input on a thorny challenge, picking my brain or tackling a targeted problem. We can talk about any of the topics above, or dial in on something else, like sorting out a COVID pod challenge, untangling your feelings about a relationship incident, marketing your sex-positive business, or finding the right words to say what you need to say.


  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • One 60-minute session together on Zoom (+ optional recording)
  • Concrete recommendations and next steps
  • One week of follow-up email support

Individuals of any gender welcome.

BOOK NOW – $200

Deep Dive Package

Taking clients for May 2022

Perfect for individuals of any gender who want long-term results, accountability, and deep engagement with this work. For four months, we’ll work together toward your goals, expanding your sense of what’s possible and building the skills to get you there. Includes:

  • 7 one-hour coaching sessions via Zoom
  • 2 30-minute goal sessions (at beginning and end)
  • 6 15-minute optional check-in sessions
  • Four months of unlimited email access
  • Priority scheduling
  • Lifetime access to my online course library
  • Exclusive access to recorded classes and resources unavailable anywhere else
  • Bonus discounts and exclusives

Investment is $2400. Payment plans are available.

Ready to dive in? Let’s talk and get you set up!


Want to experience working with me before booking a whole package? Book a Lightning Session and get a discount on your package.


Consent is Sexy

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