So much of the experience of navigating expectations of womanhood has to do with being perceived as sexual objects, rebelling against that, or both. In order to claim true agency in our lives, I believe we must address this head on. 

Sexuality is not the centerpiece of Unfinishing School, but this is a place where we can talk about it openly, as sexuality touches on so much of our lives, from how we set our boundaries, to what we feel is okay to ask for, to how we relate to our needs, to our relationships with ourselves, our bodies and others. 

I am unabashedly sex-positive and I believe that adult creative erotic expression and play belong in this world. That said, I also believe that your expression and play belong to you and there is no one script that will tell you how to be with that. Unfinishing School is a place where you can explore, learn and ask questions about sex, from a trained sex educator, without pressure to do or be anything in particular.