I’ve worked with thousands of people over the course of my career and I’ve found that when a group comes together, everyone goes further, faster. That’s because as when we do the work together, a number of things become apparent:

  • You’re not alone. You may think you are, until you hear someone else dealing with the same thing as you, and seeing the same things as you.
  • You already belong. So many of the lovely folks I work with are rebels, misfits, highly sensitive humans, non-conformists or creative outsiders who question cultural norms. Regular groups are often fraught with fears of not fitting in. “Fitting in” is not the name of the game in Unfinishing School. You belong here.
  • We learn from one another. As smart as I am (and I’m pretty smart about this stuff), there is so much more wisdom in a group of grown-ass adults with decades of life experience under their belts.
  • We have more resources in a group. Need a speaker for a work event, a recommendation for a cool camping vacation out West, six ideas on how to communicate with your doctor, access to a community group in your hometown, insight about a complicated friend dynamic, recommendations for great new novel to read, a connection to that famous author, tips on time management for ADHD, or 7 websites to get the exact right outfit for your next date? Ask the group. We are networked, connected and FULL of ideas!
  • We make the “messy middle” part more fun. Ever wish you had someone to celebrate your 6th day of a new habit, a cheerleader when you finally start setting boundaries with your mom, or someone to inspire you on when you start to doubt yourself? The middle is where a lot of us get stuck, but when we’re all getting through it together, we make the middle more fun!

I’ve worked with individuals, couples and groups for nearly two decades, and groups always go further, faster, together.