Over the years, Marcia has been interviewed for dozens of podcasts. Below are some favorites. In these wide-ranging interviews, Marcia talks about sex, consent, flirting, asking for what you want, cuddling, boundaries, power dynamics, female anatomy, orgasms, neediness, touch, gender roles, sexual orientations, polyamory, open relationships, kink, STIs, desire, being a recovering “Good Girl,” group facilitation, and sooooooo much more!

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RECLAIM with Thais Sky

Ep. 178 Consent Culture with Marcia Baczynski

“I am thrilled to have Marcia back on the podcast to talk about the complexities and nuance of consent culture. The caricature we see on the media of consent is often stiff, black and white, and devoid of passion and intimacy. In this episode, Marcia and I talk about how consent culture is really about deepening pleasure and increasing connection. Enjoy!” – Thais Sky

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Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto

EP250: Sex, Consent And Relationship Dynamics

“I’m pretty sure this was my favorite conversation on the show in the last three years. Not just because it primarily focuses on sex, but because our guest Marcia Baczynski is really brilliant at what she does, and we addressed things that most people simply don’t talk about or receive education on.

Marcia’s big truth was that she can change her mind. From there we explored:

-What Cuddle Parties are (she’s the co-founder),
-Navigating boundaries, consent, preferences and assumptions in sex.
-Gender, heterosexual and non-heterosexual dynamics in love and sex.
-Power dynamics! Which is something I’ve been really wanting to explore on the show – and why people may or may not feel obligated to say yes to things they are really not ok with sexually.
-And she also introduced some great concepts like desire smuggling and the difference between consent and permission.

This is one to listen to more than once, share with friends, and use as a conversation piece with loved ones. Enjoy!”

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Learn to Love with Zach Beach

Ep 8: Setting Healthy Boundaries

In this episode, your host Zach Beach interviews Marcia Baczynski about healthy boundaries, especially when stuck at home during the pandemic. We discussed ways to set internal boundaries, space and time boundaries, and interpersonal boundaries, how to make space when kids are pulling for your attention, addressing feelings of guilt when setting boundaries, managing changing boundaries in relationships, and so much more.

Listen online here.

RECLAIM with Thais Sky

Ep. 36 Redefining Our Understanding Of Sex

In this week’s episode I have the pleasure of introducing you to Marcia Baczynski. Marcia is expert on sexual communication, relationships and women’s empowerment and together we explore sex and female anatomy, consent, boundaries and the limitations of permission based consent, and navigating neediness. Enjoy!”

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The Man Alive Podcast with Shana James

How to Ask For What You Want So You Get It!

“There are very few conversations out there where women speak so candidly and in support of men getting what they want as this one!

In this conversation we cover:

  • The most common way people ask for what they want that causes them NOT to get it
  • The four ways to ask for what you want that make you more likely to get it!
  • The key to conversations about your sexual desires that makes others less likely to freak out
  • How to know what you actually want, especially if you tend to defer to others’ desires
  • An awesome way to regain a childlike sense of aliveness and joy along with adult satisfaction”

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Ignite Intimacy with Laura Aiisha

Ep 8: Let’s Talk About Sex

Curious about terms like ‘gender queer?’ Ever wonder when is the ‘right’ time to make a move when you’re feeling attracted to someone?! Want to know when is the best time to have that oh so convenient but oh so necessary conversation about STD’s with a potential lover or partner?

Join sexpert Marcia Baczynski and I as we dive deep into the topics of Gender, Attraction and talking about that oh so juicy topic.. S E X on Episode 8 of Ignite Intimacy!!

Marcia gives us her special tips and tricks for opening up, exploring and having those sometimes uncomfortable conversations around sex and sexuality.”

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On The Wet Coast

Episode 33: Get Your Flirt On

Figuring out how to express our interest in someone can be one of the most challenging things in dating, especially if we find them really attractive, fun, or interesting. What do we say? What if they’re not into it? Why is it so hard to express ourselves in a fun, clear, non-creepy way?

If what everyone we know reports about themselves is true, no-one is good at flirting. How the hell are any of us hooking up if this is a skill no-one has?

On this episode of On The Wet Coast, Kat Stark & Flick Morrison are joined by Marcia Baczynski, master of the art of asking for what you want and dedicated flirt who is here to share her humour, wisdom, and creativity in how to navigate the world of flirting.”

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Life On The Swingset

SS 314: How to Make Hot Kinky Play Actually Happen…

Show notes: “Tonight, guests Midori and Marcia Baczynski join Cooper Beckett, Dylan Thomas, Dr. Liz Powell, and Dirty Lola to talk about making hot kinky play actually happen. They’ll also discuss the Wanted Man Intensive course to help good guys work on becoming better guys.”

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Thrive with Morella

Ep 07: Stop Being a “Good Girl” and Get What You Want

“Is your perfectionism, your people-pleasing and your lack of boundaries affecting your relationship?

In this episode, Marcia tells us about the Good Girl archetype and what are some of the problems it creates for women. She also presents to us strategies for beginning to implement boundaries, eliminate tolerations, and learn to ask for what we want. Really good stuff!”

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Conversation with Betty Martin

Facilitating Groups

This recorded conversation between Marcia and Betty Martin covers four steps to facilitating awesome, powerful, transformative groups and workshops. (75 minutes, with some great questions at the end, June 2011)

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Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino

Communicating Desire, Asking For What You Want, and Successful Nonmonogamy

“Recorded live at Catalyst Con West 2013, this week’s episode features relationship coach, writer, and sex educator Marcia Baczynski. Tristan talks with Marcia about her journey to becoming a relationship coach and sex educator, including specializing in helping people articulate their desires in relationships and ask for what they want. She’ll also share info from her latest ebook, “Four Mistakes Couples Make When Opening Up Their Relationship (and How To Avoid Them)” and discuss her latest project, The Good Girl Recovery Program.”

Listen here:

Consent is Sexy

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