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As promised on the Starter Kit description page, there are a few things awaiting you here that I hope will support you in asking for what you want, building better boundaries, and getting your needs met. Let’s dive in…


Download these tools to have handy when you need them:

✅ 59 Boundary Scripts (PDF)
✅ 3 Tools to Uncover What You Want (PDF)
✅ The Field Guide to Consent: Create Clear Agreements for Sexy Play (ebook)


I have had the pleasure of being on dozens of podcasts over the years, talking about sex, consent, flirting, asking for what you want, cuddling, boundaries, power dynamics, female anatomy, orgasms, neediness, touch, gender roles, sexual orientations, polyamory, open relationships, kink, STIs, desire, being a recovering “Good Girl,” group facilitation, and so much more. Here are five of my favorites:

  • “Redefining our Understanding of Sex” on RECLAIM with Thais Sky – we explore sex and female anatomy, consent, boundaries and the limitations of permission-based consent, and navigating neediness.
  • “Boundaries for a More Loving World” on The Heart Center – Zach Beach and I discuss ways to set internal boundaries, space and time boundaries, and interpersonal boundaries, how to make space when kids and family are pulling for your attention, addressing feelings of guilt when setting boundaries, managing changing boundaries in relationships, and so much more
  • “Intimacy in Non-Monogamy” on The School of Sacred Embodiement with Elizabeth DiAlto – when it comes to the philosophy of non-monogamy, there can be a lot of questions: Is it polyamory or an open relationship? Do we have to tell each other about other partners? Is it a relationship or just sex?
  • “Consent, Apologies and Kink” on Consent Dojo with Midori– We go in-depth on the topic of apologies within the context of consent and kink with topics including: What does “maybe” REALLY mean? The model of consent you’ve been taught is wrong; The must-have skill for successful consent conversations; The secret to never feeling “No” as a rejection
  • “A Conversation about Changing Your Mind” on Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto – We get into navigating boundaries, consent, preferences, and assumptions in sex; Gender, heterosexual, and non-heterosexual dynamics in love and sex; Power dynamics and why people may or may not feel obligated to say yes to things they are really not ok with sexually, desire smuggling and the difference between consent and permission

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