The Unfinishing School Retreat will be held Aug 9-12 in Citrus Heights, CA.


Think “slumber party,” except actually getting some sleep 😛

We aren’t going to do a ton of formal learning of new content, but we will have structured time that we’ll be practicing and expanding on the skills from Unfinishing School. We’ll mix it up with plenty of time for relaxation throughout the weekend. We’ll eat delicious food, get silly, play with asking for what we want and setting boundaries, have down time, talk about feeeeeeeeeelings, and maybe go hang out at the lake (depending on the weather and how we feel).

Rooms are shared. Everyone gets their own bed (unless you bring a guest. See below for details.)

The goal is for it to be easy, cozy, connected and fun!


We have rented a house with enough beds for everyone to have their own.

However, this work can go so much deeper when we have the support of the people around us.  That’s why I am opening the retreat for you to include a friend or loved one if you like!

We have room for an additional 5 people*, so if you want to invite your mom, your sister, your bestie, your (non-male) sweetie or another friend, please do! Your guest will share your bed.

Registration for your friend is $400 by June 15, and $450 after that. Food, lodging and all activities are included.

There will be some periods of time that will be for Unfinishing School students only, but all structured activities will be accessible and available to everyone who attends.

(*Gender policy: No cis or trans men allowed; women, femmes and non-binary AFAB folks are welcome. Gender is complicated; if you have questions about this, please ask!)

If this turns out to be a popular desire, we may be able to rent additional space in the home we are using for more folks.


Citrus Heights is about 25 minutes from Sacramento International Airport, and about an hour and a half from Oakland. It’s also about 20 minutes from Folsom Lake Recreational Area, for when we want some nature time. If you’re flying in, Sacramento is your best bet, but Oakland and SFO will also work. When the time gets closer, we can arrange carpools via the FB group.


Check-in: 4:30pm Friday August 9th

Check-out: 10am Monday August 12th

More info to come!

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