The Wheel of Consent® is a powerful practice to improve the quality of your relationships and create clear agreements to experience satisfying and empowering connections with yourself and others.

Over 2.5 days, we engage in a deep exploration of the nature of receiving and giving, embodied consent, knowing what you want and what your limits are, and how to communicate and create agreements with others.

The Wheel of Consent® offers a deeply nuanced way to practice consent as an agreement that brings integrity, responsibility, and empowerment into human interaction, starting with touch and relationships, and further expanding our understanding of consent to power dynamics and social issues.

Marcia facilitates a handful of in-person and online Wheel of Consent Trainings each year. As faculty at the School of Consent, she also co-leads 2-4 Like a Pro trainings, teaching the Wheel of Consent to practitioners.  If you would like to be notified for early registration for either of these events, drop your name and email address below.